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Scalars and Vectors
Recall that direction is important when describing the
motion of an object.
Understand how relative speed depends on the
direction of movement (in context of two cars
travelling on a straight road).

  • Must Know : What vector and scalar quantities are
  • Should Know : That the sum of several vectors is called the resultant and to be able to calculate the resultant for perpendicualr vectors
  • Could Know : Resolve non-perpendicular vectors into components to allow the result to be found
Describe the difference between scalar and vector quantities:
• some quantities, (e.g. mass, time), direction is not relevant (scalar)
• some quantities, (e.g. force, velocity, acceleration) direction is important (vector).
Calculate the vector sum from vector diagrams of parallel vectors (limited to force and velocity in thesame or opposite directions).

Calculate the resultant of two vectors that are at rightangles to each other. (Answers can be by calculation or scale diagram).